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Aimants supraconducteurs pour le projet NICA.

Superconducting magnets for NICA project.

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NICA (Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fA?ility) is a new accelerator complex designed at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna, Russia) to study properties of dense baryonic matter. The accelerator complex will consist of three superconducting (SC) rings: the Nuclotron, a booster synchrotron and a two-aperture collider. For the project, it is necessary to produce and test at a helium temperature level (4.5 K) and an operating current of 10 kA of 450 SC magnets. All the magnets contain a cold iron yoke and saddle-shaped superconducting coils made of the hollow NbTi composite SC cable refrigerated by two-phase helium flow at
4.5 K. For this purpose, was created a new test bench with a maximum capacity of 12 SC magnets per month. The cryogenic system of the new facility is based on helium refrigerators with excess return flow. The cryogenic test of SC magnets consists of six main stages: cooling magnet, training SC coil, “cold" magnetic test, measurements of static heat leak and dynamic heat releases, “cold" helium leak. In the report will show today's progress in the production of magnets for project, as well as unique cryogenic properties of SC magnets and plans for the production of SC magnets for the NICA project.

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  • Titre original : Superconducting magnets for NICA project.
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  • Source : Cryogenics 2019. Proceedings of the 15th IIR International Conference: Prague, Czech Republic, April 8-11, 2019.
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