Comparaison des systèmes de distribution d'air par le plancher et par le plafond dans un environnement de centre de données utilisant la modélisation par dynamique numérique des fluides.

Comparison of overhead and underfloor air delivery systems in a data center environment using CFD modelling.


This collection of 74 papers presented at the ASHRAE 2005 Annual Meeting, held in Denver, Colorado, USA, includes the complete collection of symposium and technical papers as well as discussion questions and answers. Topics of the symposium papers: service water systems: can they be improved?; current developments in ventilation control (an evaluation of three commercially available technologies for real-time measurement of rates of outdoor airflow into HVAC systems; technologies for measuring flow rates of outdoor air into HVAC systems); state of the art in air contaminant measurements (experimental characterization of airflows in aircraft cabins); HVAC systems and performance in building America homes (field performance of a zoned forced-air cooling system in an energy-efficient home; development and testing of an integrated residential night ventilation cooling system; development of high-efficiency air conditioner condenser fans); applications of UV photocatalysis for gaseous contaminants; applications of combustion turbine inlet cooling (cooling the hot desert wind: turbine inlet cooling with thermal energy storage increases net power plant output by 30%); application of CFD to fire and smoke control; high-tech facility commissioning; integrated clean-room design and construction; indoor environments and human productivity (a model to estimate the cost-effectiveness of improving office work through indoor environmental control; control of temperature for health and productivity in offices; temperature and ventilation effects on performance and neurobehavioral-related symptoms of tropically acclimatized call centre operators near thermal neutrality); high density cooling issues update (air-conditioning design for data centres; rack cooling effectiveness in data centres and telecom central offices; study of a cooling system for the telecommunication base site; thermal profile of a high-density data centre).


  • Titre original : Comparison of overhead and underfloor air delivery systems in a data center environment using CFD modelling.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2006-3137
  • Langues : Anglais
  • Source : ASHRAE Transactions. 2005 Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, USA. Volume 111, part 2 + CD-ROM.
  • Date d'édition : 2005


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