Indexation et règles d'appellation normalisées des frigorigènes. Fiche technique1.

Index and fluid naming conventions for refrigerants. Fact Sheet 1.


These Fact Sheets provide background material for the UNEP Workshop on HFC Management: Technical Issues. The Fact Sheets provide delegates with an overview of available factual information and have been structured to support the workshop agenda. Fact Sheet 2 provides an analysis of the current market sectors using HFCs. It highlights the HFC demand in key market sectors and introduces opportunities to use lower GWP alternatives. Fact Sheets 3 to 14 address the main end use sectors. Each uses a standard template to highlight the issues in each sector. The market sectors are split into sub-sectors – these are important as the technical issues vary considerably across these sub-sectors. Fact Sheet 15 provides a glossary of terms and definitions used in other Fact Sheets.