Rapport 2016 sur les capacités d'entreposage au niveau mondial.

2016 global cold storage capacity report.

Auteurs : SALIN V.

Type de monographie : Rapport


The report 2016 IARW Global Cold Storage Capacity Report provides an update on refrigerated warehouse capacity in 52 countries.
The total capacity of refrigerated warehouses was 600 million m3 in 2016, an increase of 8.6% since 2014 (4.2% annualized growth rate). Considerable new construction in emerging markets explains most of the increase in refrigerated warehousing space. Construction of new refrigerated warehouse space was particularly strong in China (more than 30 million m3) and India (10 million m3).
In addition to new construction, some of the increase in global capacity was due to more comprehensive reporting. To illustrate the enhanced reporting, approximately 11 million m3 of additional refrigerated warehouse capacity has been added to the GCCA database from countries that were included for the first time in 2016. The newly added countries were South Korea, Peru, Mauritius, Ecuador and Kenya.
Reports from Europe indicated that refrigerated warehouse space declined in 2016 in several countries (Turkey and Great Britain were exceptions). The United States, Mexico, and Canada each indicated growth in refrigerated warehouse capacity since 2014. In North America, the total refrigerated warehouse space was 6 million m3 larger in 2016 than that reported in 2014, an increase of 4.6% since 2014 (2.3% annualized growth rate).


  • Titre original : 2016 global cold storage capacity report.
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