Amélioration de la chaîne du froid pour les produits biopharmaceutiques réfrigérés (en anglais)

"Le plus grands défi dans le transport de produits pharmaceutiques réfrigérés consiste à conserver une fourchette de température optimale."

During the recent Healthcare Packaging & Processing Conference in Philadelphia (USA), some trends were pointed out. Sales of refrigerated biopharmaceuticals are expected to grow 65% from 2014 through 2020, which compares to a 34% growth rate of non-refrigerated medicines during the same time period.

According to Cardinal Health, a health care services company, the biggest challenges in transporting refrigerated drug products are maintaining an optimum temperature range, between 2°C and 8°C. Traditional storage methods using frozen, water-based gel packs inside insulated containers can lead to products becoming too cold or frozen. Insulated totes with a phase change panel offer a replacement technology for traditional gel-packs. After instituting this new technology, this company claims that they realised a 90% reduction in product damages between 2007 and 2015.

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