Le marché des produits congelés au Bangladesh

Les crevettes et poissons congelés ont représenté 22,6% du secteur agro-alimentaire au Bangladesh en 2012.
Frozen food i.e. shrimp and fish made up for 22.6% of the agricultural sector in Bangladesh in 2012 (BFFEA, 2013).

Frozen food is one of the agricultural subsectors in Bangladesh. From the total agriculture export, frozen food contributes around 23% and out of the total frozen food export, shrimp alone contributes approximately 90%. The single subsector shrimp also contributes near about 4.43% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and it could increase to 10%, along with its 12 million employment generation.

However, this frozen food sector is now facing many natural disasters and manmade challenges such as the lack of infrastructural development, lack of standard labour practices, lack of government effective policies and political turmoil.

There are ten frozen food exports items from Bangladesh, mainly to the European Union, North and South America, Russia, Middle East and Asian markets.

The maximum frozen food exporting market areas from Bangladesh to the world markets during the period July-December 2014-2015 were Belgium (USD 80.518 million), Netherlands (USD 62.132 million), UK (USD 55.742 million), Germany (USD 38.785 million), USA (USD 20.488 million), Russia (USD 18.964 million), France (USD 16.910 million).
The other flourishing frozen food markets and exports were China (USD 7.306 million), Denmark (USD 5.717 million), Saudi Arabia (USD 5.163 million), Portugal (USD 5.015 million), Hong Kong (USD 3.443 million) and the United Arab Emirates (USD 3029 million).

Source: Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, May 2015 Special Issue