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Comparaison des descriptions de réfrigérateur fonctionnant avec de l'ammoniac, des mélanges à base d'ammoniac ou d'autres frigorigènes.

Comparison of descriptions of refrigerator working on ammonia, its mixtures and other refrigerants.

Auteurs : HMEL'NÛK M., ZHYVYTSYA V., VOZNIY V., et al.


Lately not only pure agents but also their mixtures have been used in various refrigerators. The aim of this study is to find new and perspective mixtures based on ammonia, preserving its high energetic effectiveness. Natural agents such as R-600, R-600a, RC-318, R-152a, R-290 and R-218 were chosen to be the second element in structure of these mixtures. These substances satisfy all ecological demands. Calculations were carried out for the one-stage refrigerator working on these mixtures using concentration where azeotropic is seen. Such mixtures could increase refrigeration capacity for this machine, reduce discharge temperature, also evaporating temperature (under the same pressure in an evaporator), reach the best dissolubility of machine oil and return it to the compressor. The various concentrations of these mixtures were studied, and the structures with maximum of energy efficiency were determined as results. Condensing temperature assumed constant 30°C, evaporating temperatures changed, respectively -5; -15; -25°C. T-x diagrams are shown under various pressures and concentrations of mixtures. Thermodynamic and thermal properties of these examined structures were determined with the help of the REFPROP 7.0 program. The considered mixtures based on ammonia have high energetic indices and do not yield both pure components (R-600, R-600a, RC-318) and pure ammonia. The conclusion has been made about the perspective to use these mixtures for small refrigerators.

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  • Titre original : Comparison of descriptions of refrigerator working on ammonia, its mixtures and other refrigerants.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2007-0088
  • Langues : Anglais
  • Source : Compressors 2006: 6th International Conference on Compressors and Coolants
  • Date d'édition : 27/09/2006


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