Pompes à chaleur : une issue au réchauffement climatique depuis longtemps attendue.

Heat pumps: long-awaited way out of the global warming.

Auteurs : HPTCJ

Type de monographie : Guide/Manuel


This document introduces heat pump technology and its evolution up to its advanced stage in its entirety. It reveals that the action toward building a sustainable "low-carbon society" has already begun through a greater utilization of natural energy including ambient heat generated by heat pumps. It explains in detail the current condition of such technologies. The impact of their dissemination, policy trends in Japan and elsewhere, among others, would be of help in the policy planning of governments that care sincerely for our planet and humankind. Extract from the table of contents: heat pumps contribute to environmental protection and energy security; CO2 reduction by heat pumps; further guide to the heat pumps; toward the low-carbon society with heat pumps (ambient heat energy society to be heated by heat pumps; centrifugal chiller; thermal storage air conditioner; home air conditioner; non-chlorofluorocarbon refrigerator; heat pump drying machine; mechanisms of CO2 refrigerant heat pump water heater for residential use); ten merits of the heat pump as an energy supply system.