Remplacement du R22 : réalité ou voeu pieux. Colloque '97 ASERCOM.

R22 substitution: reality or wishful thinking. ASERCOM Symposium '97.

Date : 1900.01.01


This document contains 16 papers presented at this symposium, held in Essen, Germany, October 8, 1997. Topics: timetables for a HCFC phase out: international controls vs legislation in EU Member States; refrigerants available in the market for R22 substitution; R22 phase out; new trade barriers in the European Union. HCFC phase out: two countries, two different approaches (the Netherlands, Germany); retrofitting vs new installation; field experience in Europe with new refrigerants; technical and cost comparison of refrigeration cycles (R22, R407C, R410A, propane); comparison direct-indirect refrigeration systems; lubricants in refrigeration/air conditioning systems: present and future aspects; R22 substitution: trends outside Europe (USA, Japan). Some papers will be abstracted in a future issue of the IIR Bulletin.


  • Titre original : R22 substitution: reality or wishful thinking. ASERCOM Symposium '97.
  • Organisateur : ASERCOM
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 1998-0665
  • Langues : Anglais
  • Nombre de communications : 9
  • Édition : Asercom (association of european refrigeration compressor and controls manufacturers) - Allemagne/Allemagne
  • Source : Source : 130 p. (21 x 29.7); fig.; tabl.
  • Type de conférence : Autre conférence (non IIF)
  • Notes :

    ASERCOM, Symp., Essen

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