Des épiceries réfrigérées mobiles autonomes dans les rues de San Francisco (en anglais)

Lors du dernier Consumer Electronic Show (CES) qui a eu lieu à Las Vegas en janvier, la start-up Robomart a présenté des épiceries réfrigérées autonomes sur roues équipées d'étagères pour stocker des produits frais.

During the last Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which took place in Las Vegas in January, the Robomart start-up presented refrigerated self-driving stores, equipped with shelves to stock fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some companies have already deployed delivery robots in the San Francisco Bay area and have received permits for self-driving cars. Robomart is currently in the application process of obtaining an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit to launch its self-driving grocery stores this summer.

The refrigeration system will be located at the back of the vehicle, which is powered by electricity. According to Ali Ahmed, the founder of Robomart, the consumer will be able to call the closest self-driving store by simply pressing a button, and unlock the doors on arrival with the application. The consumer can then choose the desired products and will be charged online when the choice is made. The system uses cameras, sensors, and machine learning.

Grocery stores will be able to license a Robomart for a 24-month lease. Retailers will decide what to stock in their Robomart.