La lyophilisation des fruits permet de conserver leur valeur nutritive (en anglais)

Une étude de l'Université de Sheffield Hallam et de Chaucer Foods a constaté que la lyophilisation des fraises n'avait aucun impact significatif sur leur teneur en éléments nutritifs.
A study at Sheffield Hallam University and Chaucer Foods has found that freeze drying strawberries had no significant impact on their nutrient content.

Chaucer Foods, a leading food manufacturer, has been working with academics at Sheffield Hallam University to find out if fruit retains its nutritional goodness after being freeze-dried.

The study showed that freeze-dried whole strawberries largely preserves vitamin C and total phenolic content (TPC) and only recorded an 8% loss in total antioxidant capacity (TAC).
However, for equivalent chilled whole strawberries stored over 7 days, there were significant losses for vitamin C content (-19%) and TAC (-23%) and a very significant loss in TPC (-82%)

The study also found that the freeze-drying process had little or no detrimental effect on TAC, TPC or Vitamin C content of other fruits and vegetable tested, which were lime, orange, blackcurrant, broccoli and red bell pepper.