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Volautomatisch hoogbouwmagazijn voor gekoelde opslag van fruit en groenten.

Entrepôt de grande hauteur entièrement automatisé pour les fruits et légumes frais.

Auteurs : HAVENAAR D.

Type d'article : Article, Étude de cas


Competitively focused into the future by minimalizing exploitation and storage costs by minimum manpower, supervised logistic and small energy supervised logistic and small energy consumption with low environmental load. These are a lot of important features of the fully automatic operating high-rise warehouse for refrigerated storage of vegetables and fruits, which recently began operating in Ridderkerk (The Netherlands). The environmentally friendly ammonia/carbon dioxide refrigeration plant with low energy consumption and small indirect CO2 emissions ensures appropriate temperature levels by an excellent dividing of temperature inside the chill rooms with a height of 20 metres. All available knowledge for the design and execution of this ambitious project is used to make it an absolute success. By the innovative character of the project design and the energy saving construction of the building in combination with the choice and implementation of the technical plants, the project obtained European funding.


  • Titre original : Volautomatisch hoogbouwmagazijn voor gekoelde opslag van fruit en groenten.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2007-2725
  • Langues : Néerlandais
  • Source : Koude & Luchtbehandeling - vol. 100 - n. 7-8
  • Date d'édition : 08/2007


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