ICERD-3. 3e Conférence internationale sur les recherches et le développement en matière d'énergie [2 volumes + CD-ROM].

ICERD-3. Third International Conference on Energy Research and Development [2 volumes + CD-ROM].

Date : 2005.11.21 / 2005.11.23

Lieu : Koweït, Koweit


These proceedings contain 88 papers presented at this conference, co-sponsored by the IIR, held in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Extract from the table of contents: energy conservation and management (future trends in 3E's "Energy-Economy-Environment" in the Middle East; optimization of lean season operation strategies in air-conditioned office buildings; thermal storage with PCM: an efficient method of energy management); energy and combustion technologies; energy and environmental issues (optimal operation of cogeneration system for a typical paper industry); fluid dynamics (evaluation of thermal conditions within an automobile cabin; numerical simulation of open refrigerated display cabinets; pressure drop in microchannel subjected to wall injection); renewable energy: solar applications (thermal comfort and energy consumption of solar-assisted desiccant dehumidification air conditioning system in Beirut); energy technologies in the chemical, electrical and petroleum industries (storing natural gas in a Kuwaiti oil reservoir); heat transfer (a numerical solution of a freezing process inside an elongated elliptical enclosure; natural cooling of water at night in un-insulated open tank by evaporation, convection, and sky radiation in hot arid areas); heat exchanger applications (desiccant air conditioning system for Egyptalum rolling factory); air conditioning and refrigeration systems (effect of ambient conditions in Kuwait on the performance of a condenser of a split air conditioning unit; key variables evaluation of hybrid desiccant cooling systems in Iran; optimum coupling temperature between cascaded Ericsson magnetic refrigeration cycle and Stirling magnetic refrigeration cycle; the impact of air-conditioning efficiency in the peak load demand; performance of R152a in an automotive air-conditioning system); desalination; thermodynamics (energy-efficient evaporation based on new pinch technology applied to a pulp and paper mill; life cycle exergy analysis in sustainable development; thermo-economic analysis of a solar operated lithium bromide-water absorption system).