Progrès dans les équipements utilisés pour la surgélation et la réfrigération des produits alimentaires. 1.

Avances tecnológicos en equipos de refrigeración de alimentos. 1.

Auteurs : PEARSON S. F., PEARSON A. B.

Type d'article : Article de périodique


This article is Part 1 of the Spanish translation of an article presented at the IIR meeting in Auckland, Australia (see Bulletin of the IIR, reference 2007-0702). It is often considered that equipment for processing, storage and display of foods is unlikely to change. However in recent times increasing energy costs, concerns about occupational safety and health, changing requirements of the food industry and the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols have led to significant opportunities for alternative equipment and systems. This paper discusses opportunities for new refrigeration system designs in the food industry including use of CO2 cascade for low temperature systems, transcritical CO2 systems, air cycle systems, low charge ammonia systems, plate rather than air blast freezers, heat recovery, natural refrigerants and secondary refrigerants including ice slurries for supermarkets, replacement of HCFC-22 in industrial systems, and other applications. The advantages/disadvantages of the alternatives and future challenges will be discussed.


  • Titre original : Avances tecnológicos en equipos de refrigeración de alimentos. 1.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2007-1643
  • Langues : Espagnol
  • Sujet : Technologie, Généralités
  • Source : IIF-IIR/Frío Calor Aire acond. - vol. 35 - n. 392
  • Date d'édition : 05/2007
  • Document disponible en consultation à la bibliothèque du siège de l'IIF uniquement.


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