Utilisation des terres et sécurité alimentaire en 2050 : un chemin étroit.

Land use and food security in 2050: a narrow road.


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Agrimonde-Terra proposes five exploratory scenarios of land use and food security in 2050. The first three scenarios are based on current competing trends identified in most world regions. ’Metropolization’ links the development of megacities with a nutrition transition led by global agri-food companies selling ultra-processed foods or an increase in consumption of animal products, in a global context of development through market forces and rapid climate change. ’Regionalization’ relates the increase of medium-size cities and their networking with rural areas to the emergence of regional food systems based on family farming and traditional food diets, and a set of regional agreements, notably trade agreements. ’Households’ links strong individual mobility between rural and urban areas and the development of non-farm employment to the emergence of hybrid diets based on both traditional and modern value chains. ’Healthy’ assumes that due to the increasing cost of malnutrition, a radical move towards healthy diets occurs, driven by global cooperation and public policies in a context of climate change stabilization. ’Communities’ assumes that in a context of recurrent crises, development based on small towns and rural communities occurs, focusing on managing common property in agriculture in order to ensure food security. This book describes the construction, the quantitative and qualitative analysis process, and the outcomes of these five scenarios, along with their main insights. In particular, the overall results suggest that only the ’Healthy’ scenario is likely to be able to ensure sustainably world food security in 2050.

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  • Titre original : Land use and food security in 2050: a narrow road.
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  • Date d'édition : 2018
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