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Dimensionnement des équipements à compartiments multiples. 

Dimensioning multi-compartment equipment.

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Perishable foodstuff carriage is governed by ATP (Agreement on the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs and on the special equipment to be used for such carriage) for the contracting parties. To date 50 countries had ratified it. ATP entered into force on 1976 without taking into account multi-temperature equipment which did not exist then. In 1998, UNECE, at its 54th session, proposed a global dimensioning methodology for this type of equipment without it being included in ATP. However, this method was conventionally used by the contracting parties. In 2013 ATP incorporated an iterative dimensioning multi-temperature equipment methodology. Due to its complexity, the ATP world preferred to use the 1998 UNECE version until 2020. That is, a latency period of almost 7 years. Why such delay? What practical differences exist between the two dimensioning methodologies? What should we think?

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  • Titre original : Dimensioning multi-compartment equipment.
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  • Source : 7th IIR International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain Online. Proceedings: April 11-13 2022
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