100 ans au service du développement du froid et de ses applications (1908-2008).

Sto godina tehnike hladenja & Medunarodnog instituta za hladenje (1908-2008).

Auteurs : IIF-IIR, AFF

Type de monographie : Autre


This booklet is the Serbian version of the centenary brochure jointly prepared by the IIR and the French Refrigeration Association (AFF) in order to mark their centenaries in 2008. It presents the history and state of the art of refrigeration technology and its applications. 30 short articles are on the following: 1908, the first Congress of Refrigeration; refrigeration (natural refrigeration; methods of artificial refrigeration; the evolutions of compressors; the structure of compression refrigeration systems; air systems and magnetic refrigeration systems; sorption systems; refrigerants, secondary refrigerants and the environment; the evolutions of heat exchangers); cryogenics (gas liquefaction and superconductivity; ultra-low temperatures); application of refrigeration (synoptic table); refrigeration and products (what is the cold chain?; refrigeration of foodstuffs; freezing and deep freezing foods; freeze-drying and cryodesiccation; land, marine and air refrigerated transport; cold store insulation; refrigerated retail display cabinets; domestic refrigerators and freezers); refrigeration for comfort and health (air conditioning; heat pumps; refrigeration in medicine and cryosurgery; refrigeration in biology); refrigeration for leisure activities (snowmaking; skating rinks; ground freezing in archaeology; a few examples of the use of refrigeration); perspectives; major scientists; major engineers, inventors and businessmen.


  • Titre original : Sto godina tehnike hladenja & Medunarodnog instituta za hladenje (1908-2008).
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2009-0469
  • Langues : Serbe
  • Édition : Smeits (union of mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians of serbia) - Serbie/Serbie
  • Date d'édition : 2008
  • Source : Source : 99 p. (21 x 21); fig.; phot.; tabl.
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