Analyse comparative globale des HFC et des techniques de remplacement dans les applications du froid, du conditionnement d'air, des mousses, des solvants, des gaz propulseurs et de la protection contre l'incendie. Rapport final.

Global comparative analysis of HFC and alternative technologies for refrigeration, air conditioning, foam, solvent, aerosol propellant, and fire protection applications. Final report.

Auteurs : LITTLE A. D.

Type de monographie : Rapport


This report is an update of the report first published in August 1999 (see IIR Bulletin, reference 2001-1653). It provides an objective analysis of the key aspects of HFCs in comparison with alternative fluids and technologies in the major applications involving HFCs. This study is intended to provide input to the Secretariat of the Climate Change Convention in connection with the issue of coordinating the HFC policy objectives of the Montreal Protocol and the Framework Convention on Climate Change. Extract from the table of contents: general policy considerations; value provided to society by HFCs; domestic refrigeration; mobile air conditioning; unitary air conditioning; chillers; commercial refrigeration; foam insulation; solvents; aerosols; fire protection. The report can be downloaded from the following Web site: