Code de conduite pour la réduction des émissions de CO2 dans le secteur du froid de détail : guide des bonnes pratiques.

Code of Conduct for Carbon Reduction in the Retail Refrigeration Sector: Best Practice Guide.

Auteurs : Carbon Trust, IoR, BRA

Type de monographie : Guide/Manuel, Brochure


This document was produced through the collaboration of the IOR, BRA and Carbon Trust. It sets out the carbon reduction technologies for retail refrigeration equipment that will be available in the short, medium and long term, and describes the carbon-saving potential of each one.
The Code comprises three parts: the rationale, a best practice guide and technical specification. Together, these documents outline the standards that retailers and contractors should be aspiring to reach. This is the second document in the series.
The guide contains all best practice recommendations, together with a short description of what they involve and references to any further supporting information. It is aimed at technical staff, capable of implementing the recommendations directly or through the teams that they manage. It should be used in conjunction with the Code's technical specification document, which provides further information and signposting for all of the references assigned to the best practices.
The guide comprises four sections: training and skills; containment; buildings; testing and inspection.