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  • DKV-Tagungsbericht 2006, Dresden.

DKV-Tagungsbericht 2006, Dresden.

Compte rendu des journées de la DKV, 2006, Dresde.

Date : 1900.01.01


These proceedings contain 95 papers in German and 2 in English presented at the annual DKV (German Refrigeration Association) Conference held in Dresden, Germany. Themes: I. Liquid hydrogen for mobile applications; cryogenic components; future and existing cryogenic systems; field experiences with cryogenic systems; cryogenic technology and applications; measurements. II.1. Research; materials and processes; heat transfer; absorption refrigerating machines. II.2. Compressor development; heat exchangers; simulation; control; technology applications; rules, laws and safety. III. Supermarket refrigeration; industrial refrigeration; new components for car air conditioning; new refrigerants and leakage measurement for cars. IV. Energy efficiency: special applications; air quality; laboratory measurements; heat pumps; room air conditioning, acoustics and comfort.


  • Titre original : DKV-Tagungsbericht 2006, Dresden.
  • Organisateur : DKV
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2007-0911
  • Langues : Allemand
  • Nombre de communications : 55
  • Édition : Dkv (deutscher kälte- und klimatechnischer verein) - Allemagne/Allemagne
  • ISBN : 3932715403
  • Type de conférence : Autre conférence (non IIF)
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    DKV-Tagungsber. 33, Dresden

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