Cryomédecine 2004. Résumés de la conférence mondiale.

Cryomedicine 2004. Abstracts of the World Conference.

Date : 2004.11.18 / 2004.11.20

Lieu : Tokyo, Japon


This document contains 102 abstracts of symposium and workshop papers presented at this conference organized by JSLTM in collaboration with the IIR and the International Society of Cryosurgery. Its general theme was "Breakthrough in cryomedicine". Topics were on: mechanism of freezing injury and protection with cryoprotectants; cryopreservation; recent topics of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; contributions of cryomedicine in regeneration medicine; hypothermic liver preservation; cryosurgery as a minimally invasive treatment of malignant tumours; cryosurgery of hepatic cancer, comparison with radiofrequency ablation; cryosurgery as adjunct therapy; clinical strategy and evidence of cryosurgery in aortic arch surgery; midterm results of MRI guided cryotherapy of kidney and uterine fibroids; cryopreservation of liver and pancreas; organ injury and preservation in renal transplantation; autologous transfusion of erythrocytes and platelets preserved by freezing; recent benefits of cryoimmunology.


  • Titre original : Cryomedicine 2004. Abstracts of the World Conference.
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  • Édition : Jsltm (japan society for low temperature medicine) - Japon/Japon
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    Abstr. Cryomed. 2004, Tokyo

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