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Free Workshop at ICCC 2022: Clean and efficient refrigeration solutions for food and healthcare

About this event


Open to all, this workshop is organised as part of the IIR Conference on Sustainability and Cold Chain which will take place on April 11-13, 2022.


This workshop gathering the ongoing projects in developing countries that will help promote the adoption of climate-friendly cold chain, air conditioning and refrigeration techniques as well as the introduction of sustainable off-grid solutions in both food and healthcare sectors.




  • Opening: Didier Coulomb (IIR Director general)
  • Presentation 1: The EU Sophia project - Sustainable Off-grid solutions for Pharmacies and Hospitals In Africa, Michal Kauffeld (University of Karlsrhue)
  • Presentation 2: The World Bank project - Improving Cold Chain in livestock and meat sector in Bangladesh, WB, Judith Evans (IIR)
  • Presentation 3: INDEE+ - Supporting Indian refrigeration and Air Conditioning sector in the transition towards more environmentally friendly technology. Armin Hafner (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  • Presentation 4: Africa Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Cooling and Cold Chain and Cold Chain Hubs, Toby Peters (University of Birmingham)
  • Presentation 5: The IIR cold chain book: Design and Operation Good Practice Guide for Walk-in Cold Rooms for agricultural produce and food in hot climates, Giovanni Cortella (IIR)
  • Discussion with a panel of experts: Moderated by Brayan Holuj (UNEP)


Online - Wednesday, April 13, 2022

13:50 – 15:45 CEST


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  • Date : April 13, 2022
  • Address : Online
  • Organisers : IIR


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