Courses and training

In this section, you will find digital course material on the main themes of refrigeration, as well as a section dedicated to certification courses in the fields of refrigeration and air-conditioning. We invite you to check with the training organisations the exact content of the certifications issued.


Latest courses


Cover course on magnetic refrigeration

Echangeurs couverture


Cogeneration cover



Digital course material


Overview of refrigeration


IIR courses:

  • Refrigeration fundamentals (by A. Pilatte, 2005) Doc
  • Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Industrial Refrigeration Systems (by T.  Reindl, 2003) Doc
  • Fundamentals of Refrigeration (by T. J. Kelly, 2003) Doc


Other courses:

Manual for Refrigeration Servicing Technicians (PNUE, 2010) Doc




IIR courses:

  • Free Cooling (by J. Fleming, 2004) Doc
  • Safety Considerations for carbon dioxide systems (by A. Pearson and A. Gillies, 2004) Doc
  • Safe handling of Ammonia as Refrigerant (by A. Lindborg, 2004) Doc
  • Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling, Reclamation and Disposal (by J. Bouma, 2003) Doc


Other courses:

Courses on alternative refrigerants proposed by the European programme Real Alternatives, available after free registration:

  • Introduction to Alternative Refrigerants - safety, efficiency, reliability and good practice (updated 2018)

  • Safety and risk management for using alternative refrigerants (new 2018)

  • Design differences for alternative refrigerants (updated 2018)

  • Containment of alternative refrigerants (updated 2018)

  • Service and maintenance checklist for alternative refrigerants (updated 2018)

  • Retrofitting existing systems with low GWP refrigerants (updated 2018)

  • Legislation and regulation checklist (updated 2018)

  • Measuring the cost of leakage of alternative refrigerants (updated 2018)

  • Guidance on giving advice to customers for reducing leakage (updated 2018)

Access to learning modules




IIR course:

Introduction to Cryogenics (by P. Lebrun, 2018) Doc


Other courses:

European Cryogenics Course 2022

  • Superconductivity & cryogenics Doc
  • Compact cryocooler developments Doc
  • Fundamentals of cryocoolers Doc
  • Dilution refrigerators Doc


Air conditioning


IIR course:

  • Throttle loss power recovery in refrigeration and cryogenics (by J. Brasz, 2003) Doc
  • Internal heat exchanger performance quantification and comparison testing methods including exploration of the effects of location of measurements and oil in circulation (by A. Musser et al., 2016) Doc


Cold chain


IIR course:

  • Le froid et la conservation du poisson*  2002) Doc
  • Le froid alimentaire* (2003) Doc
  • Le froid et la conservation de fruits et légumes* (2004) Doc
  • Multi-temperature transport unit refrigeration design (2003) Doc
  • Transport refrigeration food safety and quality (2003) Doc


Other courses:

Courses proposed by the European programme Supersmart :

  • Eco-friendly Supermarkets - an Overview Doc
  • How to build a new Eco-friendly Supermarket Doc
  • Eco Friendly Operation and Maintenance of Supermarkets  Doc
  • EU Ecolabel for Food retail stores Doc


Heat pumps, energy recovery


IIR courses:

  • Harmonization of the Life Cycle Climate Performance Methodology (by S. Troch et al. 2016) Doc
  • Heat pumps (by Renato Lazzarin, University of Padova, 2017) Doc
  • Cogeneration (by Renato Lazzarin, University of Padova, 2020) Doc 


Thermodynamics and transfer process


Other courses selected by Commission B2:

  • The Basics of Transport Phenomena (by TU Delft, 2015). Doc
  • Advanced Transport Phenomena (by TU Delft, 2016). Doc
  • Thermodynamique appliquée* (by Souheila Mellari, University of Mentouri, Algeria, 2022).  Doc

Refrigerating equipment


IIR course:

Inverse cycles (by Renato Lazzarin, University of Padova, Italy) Doc


Other courses selected by STID:

  • Les échangeurs de chaleur* (by Souheila Mellari, University of Mentouri, Algeria, 2021).  Doc
  • Installations frigorifiques* (by Souheila Mellari, University of Mentouri, Algeria, 2022). Doc
  • Magnetic refrigeration (by Souheila Mellari, University of Mentouri, Algeria, 2022). Doc


Certification training programmes


Courses from our partners


  • GIZ, Germany: Programme of courses Doc
  • "Refrigerated Transport Technology" (9 October 2023, Wageningen Academy, the Netherlands) Doc  (also available online)
  • "Postharvest Technology" (10 October 2023, Wageningen Academy, the Netherlands)  Doc
  • Courses from Centro Studi Galileo, (Italy)  Doc
  • Diploma courses from ISHRAE (India)  Doc
  • Training catalogue provided by the AIRAH (Australia)  Doc
  • Courses proposed by the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) Doc
  • Summerschool IRCC (Germany and USA) Doc
  • Catalogue of training provided by CEMAFROID (France)  Doc
  • Catalogue of training provided by la RPF-Formation (France) Doc


Other organisations


In Europe:

  • Shecco, 2017: List of organisations providing training courses related to natural refrigerants in Europe Doc
  • AREA, 2017: List of institutions providing training courses on low GWP refrigerants in Europe Doc
  • S'approprier les exigences du règlement F-gaz, formation du Centre national de prévention et de protection (France) Doc
  • Airedale, United Kingdom: Training brochure on refrigeration and air conditioning Doc
  • BESA training, United Kingdom: List of courses Doc
  • Ellis Training, United Kingdom: List of courses Doc
  • Logic 4 Training, United Kingdom: List of courses Doc
  • Programme of the Refrigeration and Cryogenics Master at Wroclaw University (Poland)  Doc


In Africa:
Programme of courses provided by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy (ACRA, South Africa) Doc


In Asia:
Refrigeration courses listed by Sulekha (India) Doc


North America:

  • List of courses proposed by the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society  (USA) Doc
  • List of courses proposed by Festo Didactic (USA) Doc
  • Courses proposed by the Refrigeration School  (USA) Doc
  • List of courses proposed by the Hillphoenix Learning Center (USA) Doc
  • Seminar on air conditioning and refrigeration proposed by NTT Training (USA) Doc
  • Courses on air conditioning and refrigeration provided by Meridian Technology Center (USA) Doc
  • List of courses proposed by Herzing College (Canada) Doc


In Oceania:

Course on refrigeration and air conditioning, accredited by the Australian government Doc



  • List of courses proposed by Formation Froid (in French) Doc


*These courses are only available in French.

The courses described in bold are not available for free.