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Private membership


You can subscribe a private membership and pay for it by credit card (fastest method), by bank transfer or by cheque. For more information on payment methods, please see the dedicated section.


  • First visit on the IIR website and first membership: Go to the "Join the IIR" page and click on "Join us" in the private membership section. Then, follow the procedure. The link "Join the IIR" is at the top of each page of the website. The following video shows the payment of a private membership by bank transfer.



  • You already had an account and now want to join the IIR? Please log in, then complete the membership process by clicking on  "Join the IIR". If you have lost your password, go to the dedicated section in the FAQ.
  • You want to renew your membership? Please log in, then complete the membership process by clicking on  "Join the IIR". If you have lost your password, go to the dedicated section in the FAQ.


Corporate membership


Since April 2020, corporate members can join or renew their membership online! Payment can be made by credit card (fastest method), bank transfer or chaque. For more information on payment methods, please consult the dedicated section.


  • Membership renewal: Only the manager of the collective account can renew the membership. You can contact your manager by consulting your corporate membership information in your personal space. You can also contact the IIR if you wish to become the manager of your company. The re-enrollment procedure is identical to that described above. If you are a manager and you have forgotten your password, see the section dedicated to this question.
  • Quotes or invoices : See the dedicated section.


IIR members


There are different types of members. Depending on the type of membership chosen or their status, their services and benefits will be different.

  • Private members can choose from three types of membership depending on their age. People aged 30 and under can choose a discovery membership, with a selection of a few services for a very attractive price, or a standard membership, with full services. People aged 35 and under benefit from the standard membership. People over 35 have access to the 35+ standard membership. PLEASE NOTE: the rate takes into account the country of nationality (see "Services, advantages and membership prices" section).
  • Corporate members are companies, laboratories, or national associations interested in the refrigeration sector. An organisation can choose a standard corporate membership: three people affiliated to the organisation will be able to benefit from all the services of a standard membership. As part of a collective benefactor membership, up to ten people will be able to benefit from these services. PLEASE NOTE: the rate takes into account the country where the organisation is located.
  • Institutional guests participate in the governance or commissions of the IIR. Their services are described in the dedicated section.


Managers and beneficiaries of a corporate membership


The manager of a corporate membership may designate several beneficiaries from among the members of his/ her organisation. They will have the same benefits and services as individual members.

The manager can :

  • Ask to benefit from these services him/herself: in his personal space and in the membership section, he/she just has to click on the beneficiary management section.
  • Designate between 3 and 10 beneficiaries (depending on the category of corporate membership). In the same section, by clicking on "invite a beneficiary", he/she can indicate the civilities, first and last names, and e-mail addresses of future beneficiaries, who will receive an invitation    e-mail.




Services, benefits and membership fees


  • Private Memberships

Below are the benefits and services available to IIR members. The different categories of membership available depend on your age and are automatically proposed to you during your membership process

If your country is a member of the IIR and up to date with its contributions, you can benefit from a more advantageous rate. Consult the list of member countries. Please note that not all countries are up to date with their contributions.

IIR services for private members according to the membership rate


  • Corporate memberships

Corporate membership rates are calculated according to the country where the organisation's headquarters are located. The beneficiaries of the membership, 3 or 10 in number depending on the type of membership, benefit from the same advantages as those of a standard individual membership. They are listed below.

Table with the services for IIR corporate members according to the membership rate.

  • Institutional guests, depending on their role within the Institute, receive the following benefits:
Role within the IIR

Any person participating in a committee

(except the President)

Members of statutory bodies*

Commission Presidents

Appointments of a Member Country Delegate**.
  • 5 papers from IIR conferences
  • 5 articles from the International Journal of Refrigeration
  • Free access to all Informatory Notes
  • Access to all news items in the newsletter
  • Access to directories (expertise and laboratories)
  • 10 IIR conference papers
  • Unlimited access to the International Journal of Refrigeration in FRIDOC
  • Free access to all informatory Notes
  • Access to all news items in the newsletter
  • Access to directories (expertise and laboratories)


*  President of the General Conference, Honorary Presidents, President of the CST, Vice-President of the CST, Delegate of the IIR member countries, Alternate Delegate.

** Delegates from IIR member countries may designate a person to receive the same information about the IIR as they do for statutory meetings. This person will receive the same benefits as the delegate. The delegate may also designate a person to receive the same benefits as him/her, without receiving information about the statutory meetings.


Quotes and invoices


During your purchasing process (for a membership or a document), you can request a quote that you can send to your accounting department. It is also possible for you to edit the quote featuring the purchase order number provided by your accounting department. The quote can be created from your shopping cart (see video), which is automatically displayed at the end of your purchases.  The invoice is traditionally issued after payment has been received, unless specifically requested by the group account manager. Estimates and invoices are available in your personal space, under the heading "Orders and invoices". The invoice is also automatically sent to you by e-mail as soon as your order is processed by our accounting department. A delay is possible during the summer holidays or at the end of the calendar year.




Subscription to the International Journal of Refrigeration


IIR members automatically receive a subscription to the International Journal of Refrigeration. It is now only available in digital format. The procedure for activating the subscription is available here. Please note that your subscription will only be activated the month after you joined or rejoined.


My PDF documents


You can find your PDF documents at any time in your customer area, in the "Downloads" section. If you do not have a customer account, your documents are sent to you by e-mail.

Please note that some of our older documents need to be scanned. This information is indicated on the record. If your document does not appear in your downloads, or is not sent to you by e-mail immediately after your purchase, it is because it has to be scanned by our team. In this case, please allow a few days for delivery.


Methods of payment


  • Payment by credit card is the fastest method of payment, as it does not require any action by the IIR headquarters. The IIR website communicates directly with the banks via a secure system. Thus, when you subscribe to an individual or corporate membership, you can benefit immediately from your rights. If you purchase a document, it will be available immediately, unless it is a document to be sent to you by post or a document to be scanned.
  • Payment by cheque is subject to a delay due to the time it takes for the post office to deliver it. The information needed to fill in your cheque is available when choosing your payment method:

  • Payment by bank transfer also takes time. You will need to make your payment (or your company's payment) from your bank's website. The IIR's head office validates your payment when the transfer appears in the Institute's accounts. There may be a delay during the summer holidays or at the end of the calendar year. The Institute's bank details are given when you choose the payment method, as for a payment by cheque. They are also summarised below:

Société Générale, Neuilly Entreprises,
122 av. du Général de Gaulle,
92522 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

IBAN : FR76 3000 3031 8000 6500 2007 991




Forgotten password


If you have forgotten your password, or if you have never logged on to the new IIR website (online since 31 March 2020), you can get a link to reset your password. To do this, go to the "Login" section, pinned to the top of every page on the site, and click on "forgotten password".


Create an account


You can create an account without signing up for IIR membership. This makes it easy for you to find your documents if you make purchases or free downloads from our site. To do this, go to the "Login" section, and indicate that you wish to "Create an account".


Participation in IIR activities


  • Commissions: by becoming a commission member, you will automatically be part of our network of experts and be listed in the directory of experts. Under the aegis of the Science and Technology Council, you will have the opportunity to participate in the drafting of documents, the organisation of conferences and many other activities essential to the dissemination of information about refrigeration. To become a commission member, you must be appointed by the Delegate of your country. For more information, please contact us.

More information on the commissions


  • Working groups: they are usually set up at the initiative of the commissions. To participate, please contact us.

More information on working groups



Conference calendar


The calendar of conferences organised or sponsored by the IIR is available here. To add an event to the agenda (a conference, a workshop...), please contact us at events@iiir.org


 Directory of laboratories


The IIR maintains a directory of laboratories with research activity in the field of refrigeration. It is available via this link. To add a laboratory to the directory, please contact membership@iifiir.org


 Contributing to the IIR website


Anyone wishing to propose royalty-free content can do so to the Department of Scientific and Technical Information by sending an e-mail to info@iifiir.org. The IIR can publish general or technical content on refrigeration in the Thematic Files page, or course materials to enrich the Courses and Training page.


The IIR can also publish or promote national or international projects related to refrigeration. News can be published in the Refrigeration Sector Monitoring section. Some projects can be highlighted in the European and International Projects section. All such requests should be sent to info@iifiir.org.