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The Scientific and Technical Information Department (STID) of the IIR proposes several information services designed to meet the needs of all users.


E-alert service


Receive email alerts on themes you select featuring a list of bibliographical references, news and events.

Examples of information-monitoring themes: refrigerants, air conditioning, heat pumps…

This service is a strategic tool making it possible to monitor information in your fields of interest on a regular basis.

 Customised e-alerts


IIR members can set up e-alerts free of charge and can customise their alerts online in the section My account.


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  • Literature references concerning recent publications
  • Articles published in scientific and technical journals
  • Papers presented at conferences
  • New books…
  • News on the refrigeration sector
  • Technology
  • Regulations...
  • IIR conferences
  • Events organised by other entities...


Information search


  • Send us specific questions on refrigeration themes (regulations, refrigeration properties, etc). Our information specialists will send you a personalised answer.
  • If a particular question requires extensive research, we will send an estimate.
  • If you are able to, you can make an appointment to come to the IIR head office in Paris to perform literature research using the IIR FRIDOC database with assistance provided by the IIR information specialists. You will also be able to consult the IIR library resources.

IIR members benefit from an enhanced service (more detailed reply, contacts with IIR experts…).



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