Commissions and sub-commissions of the IIR

IIR Sections and Commissions


The 10 IIR Commissions specialise in the main refrigeration domains.  They take part in the dissemination and the enhancement of scientific and technical knowledge in their domains by various means:

  • organise or sponsor international conferences
  • create and conduct working groups
  • publish books or Informatory Notes.

These activities are coordinated by the Science and Technology Council (STC).  In addition, the STC is responsible for appointing the members that make up each Commission as proposed by the Commission presidents. Junior members can also be appointed. More information on the STC.


The Commissions are divided into 5 sections:


Section A - Cryogenics and liquefied gases


Section A focuses on refrigeration science and technology at low temperatures: the cryogenic domain covers the lower part of the temperature scale, from absolute zero to 120 K, thus encompassing the normal boiling points of air gases as well as of liquefied natural gas (LNG).


Picture of Ales SRNKA
Ales SRNKA (click to read his biography)

Commission A1 - Cryophysics & cryoengineering

Subjects: research, development and industrial activities at the lowest temperatures

President: Steffen Grohmann


Commission A1 webpage


Commission A2 - Liquefaction & separation of gases

Subjects: liquefied gas industry, including air separation and LNG technology
President: Dr Peng Zhang


Commission A2 webpage


Section B - Thermodynamics, equipment and systems


Section B focuses on the technological and scientific fundamentals of traditional refrigeration, excluding cryogenic temperatures. Section B is a key player in most of the IIR conferences. A number of Working Groups are organised within the scope of Section B.


R. Herzog
Professor Eckhard Groll, President of Section B


Commission B1 - Thermodynamics & transfer processes

Subjects: fundamentals of traditional refrigeration

President: Lorenzo Cremasci


Commission B1 webpage


Commission B2 - Refrigerating equipment

Subjects: all kinds of refrigeration technology

President: Ji Hwan JEONG


Commission B2 webpage


Section C - Biology and food technology


Section C of the IIR is involved in the use of refrigerated technologies in the food and medical cold chains. The commission covers the cold chain from production or manufacture, to the consumption or use of these products. Section C consists of 2 commissions: C1 dealing with Cryobiology, cryomedicine and health products, and C2 dealing with Food science and engineering. Both commissions are active in the development and application of refrigeration technologies throughout the whole cold chain.


R. Herzog
Judith Evans, President of Section C


Commission C1 - Cryobiology, cryomedicine & health products

Subjects: application of refrigeration technologies in various branches of medicine

President: Vincent Boudy


Commission C1 webpage


Commission C2 - Food science & engineering

Subjects: application of refrigeration technologies in the area of food science, and modelling the transfer of heat and matter during refrigeration processes.

President: Alain Le Bail


Commission C2 webpage


Section D - Storage and transport


Section D Storage and Transport of the IIR is involved in the controlled-temperature logistics and distribution of temperature-sensitive products, from foodstuffs to health products,from artwork to chemicals. It addresses all issues of equipment and solutions for a durable cold chain from the production or manufacture, to the consumption or use of these products. Section D thus covers the issues of storage, transportation, land, air or water, packaging, distribution and delivery of these products to the consumer, and the traceability of the cold chain.


Richard Lawton, President of Section D


Commission D1 - Refrigerated storage

Subjects: storage of all products which benefits from controlled temperatures, such as food and pharmaceuticals.

President: Armin Hafner


Commission D1 webpage


Commission D2 - Refrigerated transport

Subjects: all subjects related to refrigerated transport technologies and testing issues.
President: Silvia Minetto


Commission D2 webpage

Section E - Air conditioning, heat pumps and energy recovery


Section E focuses both on air conditioning and heat pumps. Air conditioning is a subject that is now more frequently addressed due to the need for both better indoor comfort in an increasing number of countries and the effects of global warming. Also providing a cooling effect, heat pumps are expected to be the most common solution in the future for all year round operations due to their high energy efficiency.


PIcture of Xianting Li
Xianting Li (click to read his biography)


Commission E1 - Air conditioning

Subjects: various aspects of air conditioning from equipment to systems.

President: Yunting Ge


Commission E1 webpage


Commission E2 - Heat pumps & energy recovery

Subjects: promotion of the scientific and technological knowledge of heat pump and energy recovery fields.
President: Graeme Maidment


Commission E2 webpage


IIR Sub-Commissions


Presidents of Commissions may establish temporary Sub-Commissions in order to study certain aspects within the domain of the Commission.


Sub-Commission D1 on Refrigerated display cabinets



Alan Foster
Ibrahim Zaid

Sub-Commission D2 CERTE on Test Stations in refrigerated transport


President: Thomas Suquet

Secretary: Tobias Mynott

CERTE systematically organises a yearly technical meeting in order to harmonise practices of official ATP test stations