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With 59 member countries, the IIR confirms its global commitment to promoting knowledge of refrigeration in all applications worldwide for sustainable development.

Created in 1908, today, IIR partners include governments in developed and developing countries, international and national organisations, universities, companies and research centres, and refrigeration professionals.

Accordingly, the IIR has established cooperation agreements with, amongst others, the FAO, UN Environment, UNIDO, WHO and UNESCO.


IIR Member Countries benefit from a range of services designed to:

  • promote knowledge of refrigeration
  • set up expertise networks
  • provide key information on refrigeration within the country
  • assist with the implementation of national plans in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals connected to refrigeration.

IIR National Committees


  • National Committee of the United States of America (UNSC/IIR)

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Member Country rights and benefits


Not only a way to ensure that your country can voice its position on the future development of refrigeration on an international level, stakeholders in your national market will also benefit from country membership at the IIR.


Some of the key benefits of being a Member Country of the IIR:

  • involvement in an international network of expertise by way of IIR Commission members
  • enhanced recognition of the country and of its scientific and technological potential
  • power to vote on pivotal decisions for the refrigeration industry
  • opportunity to organise renowned IIR conferences focused on key domains in refrigeration
  • tailored IIR support for dedicated training programmes and courses
  • possibilities to take part in international R&D projects
  • capacity to exert an influence on the strategy and positions adopted by the Institute
  • receive constantly updated information on the evolution of refrigeration technologies, uses and markets
  • reduced membership fees for national citizens and organisations (private and corporate IIR membership).

How does country membership work?


Member Country categories


There are 6 Member Country categories corresponding to national economies and the importance of refrigeration for these economies.


The Member Country category determines the:

  • number of representatives authorised to attend the General Conference
  • number of votes that can be cast by the country's Delegate at the Executive Committee
  • number of Commission members authorised to take part in IIR activities
  • number of representatives entitled to receive an exclusive selection of IIR services.
Number of representatives
Number of representatives by country according to the category



View where the role of Member Countries fits into IIR operations: See the IIR organisational chart


Member Country Delegates


Each Member Country nominates one Delegate to represent the country at the Executive Committee which meets at least once a year.

As the official country Delegate, not only will this individual actively contribute to the strategic decisions made by the IIR for refrigeration worldwide on behalf of their country, but they will also receive complementary access to exclusive IIR services.


Commission Members


Member Countries also propose a number of refrigeration professionals to join IIR Commissions. These individuals take part in various IIR activities and also have access to a range of IIR services free of charge. Through these Commission Members, Member Countries form the IIR international network of expertise.


How to become a Member Country


As stipulated in the International Agreement concerning the IIR signed on December 1, 1954, a duly authorised official of the candidate country must submit a formal application to become a Member Country to the President of the Executive Committee.


For details on how your country could become an IIR Member Country, please send an email to