IIR working groups

IIR working groups (WG) operate on a temporary basis to bring together specialists to collaborate on projects focused on current refrigeration issues.

Their aim is to promote development and provide knowledge in these spheres. In order to achieve these objectives, WGs organise conferences and workshops, write publications and provide recommendations.

Members of WGs are experts, professionals, engineers and/or technicians from industry, university and research-centres active in the field of refrigeration.

Members of IIR Working Groups must comply with the rules defined in the document “IIR Working Groups: Rules to ensure compliance with competition laws”.


Current IIR working groups


Dehumidification in Air Conditioning


Chairpersons: Baolong Wang and Xu Zhang

Commissions: E1 with B1, B2, E2


Web page (soon available)


Refrigeration Safety


Chairperson: Alexander Cohr Pachai

Commissions: B2 with B1, E1, E2



Demand-Oriented non-Uniform Indoor Environment


Chairperson: Xianting Li

Commission: E1



Whole-body Cryotherapy or Cryostimulation


Chairperson: Benoit Dugué

Commissions: C1 with A1 and B2




Careers in Refrigeration "CaRe"


Chairperson: Catarina Marques

Commission: All IIR commissions

Sub-Working Group: Women in Refrigeration


Web page (soon available)


Cold Chain in Hot Countries


Chairperson: Halima B. H. Thraya

Commissions: C2, D1, D2



FRISBEE International

Data and Modelling Tools for Food Refrigeration and the Cold Chain


Chairperson: Graciela Alvarez

Commissions: C2 with D1 and D2


Web page (soon available)


Cold Chain for Pharmaceutical Products


Chairperson: Gérald Cavalier

Commissions: D2 with D1, C2


Web page (soon available)


Phase-Change Materials and Slurries for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


Chairperson: Laurence Fournaison

Commissions: B2, D1

Magnetic Cooling


Commissions: A1, B2

Sub-Working Group: Industry Sub-Working Group on Magnetic Refrigeration

Web page (soon available)




Former IIR working groups