Développement de la chaîne du froid pour les fruits et légumes en Inde. Étude de la chaîne du froid du kinnow. Partie 1.

Cold chain development for fruits & vegetables in india. Kinnow cold chain study. Part 1.


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Fruit-and-vegetable distribution in India suffers significant post-harvest losses in the supply chain primarily due to the perishable nature of fresh produce and its sensitivity to handling damages. Cold chain is one possible solution for reducing post-harvest losses. Moreover, cold chain can help increase value of the produce by enabling sales out of season and in far-away markets. However, the stakeholders in the value chain may be deterred by setup complexity, dependence on other stakeholders investing along the supply chain, and high cost of investment, despite government incentives. This report assesses investment in cold chain by analyzing profitability in a particular supply chain to encourage stakeholders along the entire supply chain to make similar assessments.

Our study focuses on a particular supply chain for kinnow, a citrus fruit. The supply chain we studied originates from Abohar in Punjab in northern India to Bangalore in southern India. This supply chain allows us to analyze the time- and distance-related aspects of cold chain investment. We conclude that with cold chain intervention:
x10 profit by reefer truck
-16% CO2 emissions
-:- 4 spoilage of kinnow

Cold chain has the potential for increasing volume offlows, which can result in better returns for farmers. The benefits really come through when the cold chain is a refrigerated chain all the way from the farmer to the retailer so any inducements the government wishes to give to investors by way of subsidies should consider all stakeholders along the supply chain.

This pilot study is not a simplistic paper exercise but was designed and executed as a front line demonstration of the costs and benefits from deploying a cold chain bridge. This bridge was between Punjab and Karnataka and served not only to increase the selling season, but also the selling range of the farmer. This brings forth scope to spur legitimate growth in the producing areas. This pilot study ably demonstrates the socio-economic gains that are fostered through cold chain implementation. It lifts the veil on some misconceptions and educates in real terms.

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  • Titre original : Cold chain development for fruits & vegetables in india. Kinnow cold chain study. Part 1.
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  • Source : Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Journal, Cold Chain - vol. 8 - n. 2
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