Commission B2 - Refrigerating equipment



Commission B2 - Refrigerating Equipment,which includes over 50 experts from 16 IIR member countries, is extremely active and participates in many IIR activities aimed at promoting knowledge of refrigeration technologies and their applications worldwide.  It is a key Commission for most IIR activities synergizing with other Commissions.

Commission B2 is also very active in IIR Working Groups such as Magnetic Cooling and Refrigeration Safety.


Officers & members



Ji Hwan JEONG (South Korea)



Marian FORMANEK (Czech Republic)

Bartosz ZAJACZKOWSKI (Poland)
Norihiro INOUE (Japan)
William Alfonso MAURO (Italy)
Zhang HUA (China)
Chan Ho SONG (South Korea)



Claudio ZILIO (Italy)


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