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Commission C2 - Food Science and Engineering focuses on research and breakthrough technologies related to food science and engineering. The Commission is key in hosting the IIR International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain (ICCC), held since 2010. In addition to the Cold Chain conferences and the IIR Congress, Commission C2 has also co-sponsored four other conferences in Macedonia, Spain, Croatia and Germany, and continues to reinforce its leading role at the heart of developments in food science and engineering.
IIR Commission C2 is composed of over 20 experts from 20 IIR member countries. The Commission is involved in various IIR Working Groups and innovative projects linked to the development of the food chain across the globe.


Officers & members



Alain LE BAIL (France)



Manabu WATANABE (Japan)



Alain LE BAIL (click to read his biography)



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