53rd International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition

Co-sponsored event


With a growing need to ensure that buildings are autonomous energy generators, and provide a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, the 53rd International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition provides the perfect platform for all those active in related fields.


The event brings together representatives from all professions involved in the planning, construction and installation of energy systems in buildings.


Congress and Exhibition themes:

  • methods, technologies and standards for integral design
  • building commissioning, testing and monitoring of energy-efficient buildings
  • renewable energy sources integrated into the rehabilitation of existing urban environments
  • development of sustainable, safe and green urban systems adaptable to climate changes.



  • Abstract submission – June 20, 2022
  • Full paper submission – July 31, 2022


  • Start date : November 30, 2022
  • End date : December 02, 2022
  • Location : Belgrade, Serbia
  • Organisers : KGH Serbia HVAC&R Society (SMEITS)
  • Contact : office@smeits.rs