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COP28 IIR workshop - Leapfrog to a sustainable agricultural cold chain in low-income economies 

Current IIR refrigeration projects address the challenges and opportunities in high (HICs) and low-income countries (LICs).

This event will demonstrate and promote the adoption of efficient and climate-friendly cold chain, air conditioning and refrigeration technologies for the food and healthcare sectors, as well as solutions to meet SDGs aimed at reducing emissions both from refrigeration equipment, and food loss and waste.


Date: Sunday 10 December 2023

Time: 10:45am -11:45am
Location: Montreal Protocol Advancing Climate Action pavilion, Building 88, number 15 (Dubai - United Arab Emirates )


You can stream the workshop live on OzonAction's social network:  






Moderator: Yosr Allouche


Presentation 1: The EU ENOUGH programme: Tools and methodologies to help decarbonising the EU food supply chain sector (10 min) 

  • Kristina Widell  

Presentation 2: The IIR technical assistance to the World Bank: Clean and Energy efficient agricultural cold chain sector (10 min) 

  • Judith Evans

Presentation 3: INDEE+ - Supporting Indian refrigeration and Air Conditioning sector in the  transition towards more environmentally friendly technology (10 min) 

  • Armin Hafner

Presentation 4: The IIR guide on good practices in walk -in cold rooms in warm climates (10 min) 

  • Giovanni Cortella

Panel discussion (20 min) How can we support and accelerate the transition to sustainable cold chains in LICs?  

  • Judith Evans, Kristina Widell, Armin Hafner, Giovanni Cortella, Didier Coulomb


  • Date : December 10, 2023
  • Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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