The Hot Reality: Living in a +50°C World

The Hot Reality: Living in a +50°C World” is a project led by the Africa Centre for Sustainable Cooling  and Cold-chain (ACES) and the UK’s Centre for Sustainable Cooling.

It brings together an international group of multi-discipline, multi-sector experts to explore through the lens of the cooling  how humans can adapt in a sustainable, resilient, just and equitable way to living in a world in which seasonal ambient temperatures are continuously rising and extreme heatwaves are becoming more frequent and prolonged, along with other extreme weather being experienced more broadly.


The Hot Reality: Living in a +50°C World

Kigali, Rwanda

October 17-19, 2023


ACES is holding this conference to present findings from work to date and stimulate further debate and input to inform a forthcoming report to be published later this year. 


"Our hope is that through collaboration, we can make a landmark contribution to the public discourse on how to adapt and building societal resilience to the impacts of extreme temperatures by starting to tackle one of the world’s most pressing 'here and now" climate change challenges in a warming world – access to sustainably cooling for all who will need it."


For further details or to register for an invitation to the Forum and/or Conference, please contact Sehar Amer at

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  • Start date : October 17, 2023
  • End date : October 19, 2023
  • Location : Rwanda
  • Organisers : ACES - Africa Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling


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