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Design and assembly of a linear reciprocating magnetic refrigerator.

Author(s) : TAGLIAFICO L. A., SCARPA F., TAGLIAFICO G., et al.


A linear reciprocating magnetic refrigerator is under construction at the University of Genoa. The project involves the DCCI department (Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry) and the DIPTEM/TEC (Department of Production Engineering, Thermo Energetic and Mathematical models). A stationary permanent magnet structure has been built which ensures a maximum measured magnetic field of 1.5 T. The active magnetic regenerator is composed of two parallel regenerators made up of five carbon fibre pipes with square section filled with 400 g (total) of commercial gadolinium powder. The pipes are supported by a rigid polymeric structure (shuttle) with a very low thermal conductivity. The regenerators are moved in and out of the magnetic field by a linear motor drive, while two outward facing heat exchangers allow the thermal interaction with the environment. The prototype is equipped with instruments to measure the temperature span between the hot and the cold heat exchangers, the heat transfer rates in the external heat exchangers and the total electrical power required by the refrigerating process. In the present paper the process embodiment of the refrigerating unit is presented, with the main design issue of each component.

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  • Original title: Design and assembly of a linear reciprocating magnetic refrigerator.
  • Record ID : 2009-1576
  • Languages: English
  • Source: 3rd International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature
  • Publication date: 2009/05/11


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