Indoor environment and energy efficiency in schools. 1. Principles.

Author(s) : AMBROSIO ALFANO F. R. d', BELLIA L., BOERSTRA A., et al.

Type of monograph: Book, Guide/Handbook


This guidebook gives a background on the basics of the human requirements with respect to indoor environmental conditions for the optimal design and operation of schools with respect to low energy cost and optimal performance of the students.
It also describes the principles of good HVAC systems for schools, focussing particularly on energy-efficient systems for a healthy indoor environment. Practical guidance for selection, installation and operation of HVAC systems are given and 4 case studies with different climatic conditions illustrate how the renovation can impact on energy performance and indoor environment of school buildings. Extract from the table of contents: environmental comfort and energy sustainability; indoor environmetnal comfort aspects; energy saving and global comfort; HVAC systems; energy consumption; case studies.


  • Original title: Indoor environment and energy efficiency in schools. 1. Principles.
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  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Regulation
  • Publication: Rehva (federation of european heating, ventilation and air-conditioning associations) - Belgium/Belgium
  • Publication date: 2010
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  • ISBN: 9782930521039
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