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Room-temperature magnetic refrigeration: from basic research to development for application.

Number: pap. 257

Author(s) : SAITO A. T., NAKAGOME H.


Cooling properties of active magnetic regenerative (AMR) refrigeration using spherical magnetic refrigerant particles of Gd alloys and La(Fe,Si)13-based compounds were investigated by a primitive test apparatus for the AMR-cycle refrigeration. The maximum temperature difference of 46°C and the lowest cold-end temperature of -11°C were obtained by AMR-cycle operation using a single refrigerant material, GdY alloy, under a magnetic field of 1.1 tesla. La(Fe,Si)13-based refrigerants showed high tolerance for heat load due to their large heat capacity although the temperature difference (?T) using La(Fe,Si)13-based refrigerants was only half that using GdY-alloy refrigerants. Model calculation of AMR cycle indicates that layered La(Fe,Si)13-based refrigerants having different TC would be effective to enlarge ?T and obtain good heat-load properties at the same time. In the AMR cycle, the potential coefficient of performance is expected to reach 5 under the condition of heat load of tens of watts with the ?T ~25°C and f ~1 Hz using 1 kg of magnetic refrigerant.

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  • Original title: Room-temperature magnetic refrigeration: from basic research to development for application.
  • Record ID : 30019325
  • Languages: English
  • Source: 7th International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature (Thermag VII). Proceedings: Turin, Italy, September 11-14, 2016.
  • Publication date: 2016/09/11
  • DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18462/iir.thermag.2016.0257


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