2018: a positive year for the French air-conditioning market

Residential and light commercial split units, as well as VRF systems, registered a strong growth.

The Summary World Air Conditioning 2019 published in April 2019 by BSRIA – IIR partner in economic data – provides valuable data regarding the air-conditioning market in France.

Current air-conditioning (AC) penetration rate in France in the residential sector (excluding moveables) is estimated at only 5% in 2018, which corresponds to 1.5 million air-to-air heat pumps in operation. This rate could reach 20% in some parts of south-eastern France, where the climate is warmer.The penetration rate is expected to reach 6% by 2023 and 45% by 2050.

In the commercial sector, the penetration rate is estimated at 40% in 2018 and expected at 41% by 2023.

The total AC market, at end user price, is estimated at EUR 1.5 billion.

2018 was a positive year for the French AC market overall, thanks in part to the good performance of the construction sector in 2017, with a traditional delay of 6 to 18 months for the installation of AC products. In particular, residential and light commercial split units registered a strong growth. The market outperformed for the first half of the year as sales to distributors were fueled by the announced change of refrigerant and a strong growth in the commercial sector.

The overall packaged market grew by 19% in 2018. This represents 676,040 units sold, with a value of 790 million EUR. Single splits (unducted) represented 45.0% of the sales in volume (+12% in 2018) while multi splits represented 17.3% (+20%), moveables/portables 9.7%, single splits (ducted) 5.8% and VRF 3.3% (with a significant increase of 15% in 2018).

Chiller sales accounted for 0.9% of sales by volume but 11.6% by value. They experienced a 4% fall in volume in 2018 due to lower sales of scroll chillers. On the contrary, air handling units (1.7% of sales) and fan coils (15.5%) recorded an increase.

Sales of rooftops (0.4%) experienced a slowdown that could be attributed to a change in the design of HVAC in retail stores.

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