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The Director General of the IIR was at the 2nd International Symposium on "Refrigeration, Energy and the Environment” in Tunisia and the beginning of 2023 was marked by the active participation of the IIR in one of ISHRAE’s key events: Acrex 2023.

2nd International Symposium on "Refrigeration, Energy and the Environment


After 2016, the 2nd international symposium on "Refrigeration, energy and the environment" organised by Tunisia, was held from 17 to 20 March 2023 in Hammamet. It brought together researchers, industrialists and students from Tunisia, Algeria and France, thanks to the engineering schools ENIT, ESIET and INSA (CETHIL), and with the participation of the recently formed Tunisian association of refrigeration. The Director General of the IIR opened the symposium with a plenary speech on the fundamental link, today and in the future, between refrigeration and energy and environmental issues. 


IIR’s participation in ACREX 2023 


In 2016, the IIR signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ISHRAE: the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. The beginning of 2023 was marked by the active participation of the IIR in one of ISHRAE’s key events: Acrex 2023.    


The IIR was delighted to take part again in a key ISHRAE event: the 22nd edition of South Asia’s largest exhibition on Air conditioning, heating, ventilation and intelligent building, ACREX 2023.  

According to ISHRAE, the total value of Indian HVAC sector is expected to increase from $7,820.5 million in 2021 to $31,598.6 million by 2030. This increase is associated to the direct effect of the climate change, but also to the rapid growth of population and urbanisation. Acrex 2023 therefore focused on cutting-edge technologies in the HVAC sector, providing solutions for “Engineering towards net zero”. The event allowed more than 40 countries and over 500 exhibitors to join the show and showcase their latest technological solutions in the sector where innovation, emission mitigation and energy efficiency were the most important points. A future-oriented HVAC sector, which is believed by ISHRAE to “Build a better world”. In order to achieve its national goals, ISHRAE partners with various international industry actors, domestic associations and international organisation. The IIR participated in the event by sharing a booth with ISHRAE, where IIR’s head of projects, Dr. Yosr Allouche, took the opportunity to meet with various people from the Indian HVAC sector and introduced them to IIR’s projects (i.e. ENOUGH, SOPHIA and INDEE+) as well as the various publications and activities of the Institute. Dr. Allouche also built new relationships and discussed with ISHRAE the possibilities of strengthening the cooperation between IIR and ISHRAE to help build a sustainable and resilient HVAC sector in all regions of the world.

IIR’s participation in the Acrex awards ceremony


A warm welcome was given to the IIR by Vishal Kapur (on the right), ISHRAE’s Advocacy Committee Chair & Presidential member and by the entire ISHRAE family


Dr Yosr Allouche
IIR projects and publication promoted at the IIR-ISHRAE shared booth