A cool offer at the IIR

Free 18-month IIR student membership!

A cool offer at the IIR

The IIR is offering free 18-month memberships to students aged 29 years or under, recommended by their professors who themselves are IIR members.

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to our services and information products from our Expertise and Laboratory Directories
  • Access to exclusive files (thematic collections and industry regulations)
  • Limited free downloads from FRIDOC
  • Customised e-alerts: news, events agenda, new FRIDOC content
  • free subscription to the PDF version of the IIR Newsletter
  • Access to the on-line International Dictionary of Refrigeration
  • Access to a worldwide network of highly respected experts in the field of refrigeration and heat pump engineering

How to apply?

Find out if your professor is an IIR member.

If your professor is an IIR member, they should send an email application to membership@iifiir.org, subject line: “18-month IIR student membership”.

The following information must be included in the email application:

  1. Professor’s first and last name
  2. IIR membership number and /or email
  3. Academic / research institute name and address
  4. Student’s first and last name
  5. Student’s mailing address
  6. Student’s email address
  7. Student’s curriculum vitae

If your professor isn’t an IIR member, have them visit the “Membership” section at on the IIR website.

Once they have become an IIR member you can take advantage of this great offer!

You will receive email confirmation as soon as your membership application has been processed.

Take advantage of this offer and receive valuable support in project and thesis work!