A reviving global air-conditioning market

According to BSRIA figures, in 2011, the world air-conditioning market increased by 13% compared with 2010.
According to BSRIA figures, in 2011, the world air-conditioning market increased by 13% compared with 2010: the value of the US market went up from USD 78 billion in 2010 to USD 88.2 billion in 2011 and is recovering from the 2009 downturn. The crisis most affected the Americas and European regions; America has slowly started to recover and stronger growth is witnessed in Brazil. Despite the euro crisis, sales of splits were up in Europe in 2011. However chiller sales are down despite an increasing air-handling-unit (AHU) market, prompted by EU regulations which require air-tight buildings and hence the need for small standardized AHU units in new or refurbished buildings.

Geographically, the largest region in terms of air-conditioning sales remains Asia-Pacific (USD 48.2 billion, almost 55% of the world market in 2011). China and Japan represent the biggest markets in the region, with 83% of the market.
Asia is generally the major production hub (70% of the world’s air conditioners were produced in China alone in 2011).
Market conditions in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent remain positive, despite the impact of the financial crisis in the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia and India are the most important markets in the region and Qatar is also important, with new opportunities related to the 2022 Football World Cup.

Moveable AC systems are estimated at around 1 900 000 units and USD 30.6 million sales, with 16% growth over 2010.

The window and through-the-wall unit market continues to recover lost ground since the last financial crisis in 2009 and grew by 7% in 2010, reaching 14 846 076 units (USD 3.3 billion).

The number of split units amounted to USD 64.4 million in 2011 (92.6 million units), representing an increase of 14% in value and 8% in volume. The recovery concerned all types and sizes of splits.

Single-packaged units were estimated at 1.7 million units and valued at USD 4.7 billion in 2011, with the Americas representing the largest market (87% of all global sales).

The chiller market increased by 18% in value. The most popular units are screw and scroll, but when added to reciprocating units, they form 92% of the total market, despite the decline in reciprocating chillers. Similarly, the airside market increased by 13% in value and 8% in volume in 2010, reaching 6.7 million units in 2011.