Absorption chiller market is expanding

A new report from Global Industry Analysts (GIA) suggests the worldwide market for absorption chillers is forecast to reach 924.2 million USD by 2017.
In contrast to the European and US markets where centrifugal and positive displacement chillers occupy a dominant position, absorption chillers drive demand in the Asian chiller markets, particularly in Japan, China and Korea, which account for a significant 75% of the global market. The high demand for absorption chillers in these regions is mainly attributed to the scarcity of fuel resources and poor electricity infrastructures that compelled various governments in Asia to promote usage of absorption chillers. Absorption chillers are primarily driven by waste heat and therefore their integration with heat recovery and power production units is now the mainstream option in many developed countries.
Asia-Pacific, led by China, India and Korea, dominates the global scenario as the single largest market. Japan has the next significant market in terms of size and is considered a pioneer in absorption cooling technology, particularly for steam-based chillers.