Aerosol-free coooling tower

Climespace, a subsidiary of Suez and Gaz de France that has developed Paris' ice water cooling system, has successfully tested a new system of aero-cooling towers, which eliminates aerosols, a major factor in the spread of legionella bacteria in the atmosphere. The prototype was developed at one of the production sites at Galeries Lafayette and inaugurated at the end of April 2006, in presence of the French Minister of the Environment. Climespace, in association with Ecole des Mines de Paris, has conducted this research over 3 years. This project represents an investment of 1 million euros and is partially subsidized by ADEME (The French Agency for the Environment and Energy Control). The new concept makes it possible to completely eliminate aerosol emissions capable of conveying bacteria by modifying the air/water contacts in the tower: instead of spraying water in an air flow, the water flows over slightly sloping laminar-film plates. Homogeneous counter-current air circulation ensures that the film is never ruptured.