Air conditioners rank as top invention in a US survey

In a US nationwide online survey conducted by The Henry Ford in Dearborn and America online, air conditioning tops the list of the best ideas and innovations in the past 75 years. The Henry Ford, which celebrates its 75th anniversary, presented to Americans a list of the top 75 ideas and innovations in the last 75 years and asked them to decide which was most influential to American life. Between October 4 and18, 2004, nearly 2.5 million votes were cast online. Patricia Mooradian, Henry Ford chief operating officer, said that, "when you look at the list, what people ended up voting for was health, comfort and accessibility". Frozen food is also ranked number 9 on the list. According to this poll, the top 10 ideas and innovations are. 1- Air conditioning 2- Penicillin 3- The Personal Computer 4- Global Positioning Satellites 5- Cell phones 6- Broadcast television 7- The Social Security Ac. 8- The Internet 9- Frozen food 10- The Polio vaccine These are closely followed by birth control and the microwave.