Alex Cohr Pachai's Presentation at IOR TechTalk in London

We are excited to announce that Alex Cohr Pachai, a distinguished expert in refrigeration technology, will be leading the next IOR TechTalk.

The presentation, scheduled for November 2, will shed light on the current landscape of available refrigerants, highlighting their advantages and limitations.


In addition to exploring the current landscape, Alex will delve into what’s next for refrigerant alternatives and share some examples of how end-users are successfully adopting low GWP refrigerants.


The TechTalk will be available as a hybrid event, allowing participants to join in person at the London venue. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the rapidly evolving refrigeration industry.


For more details about the event, book your free place and download the paper, visit the official event page at: IOR TechTalk Event Page


Stay informed and ahead of the latest developments in refrigeration by joining this interesting session with Alex Cohr Pachai.