An air-conditioned jogging track in a park in Qatar

A 50,000 m² park opened in Al Gharrafa, Qatar. It has the particularity of being equipped with a fully air-conditioned track for pedestrians and joggers. 

During the hot season in Qatar, temperatures range from 30 to 43°C. This makes outdoor physical activities difficult. 


On December 16, the Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar announced the opening of Al Gharrafa Park. The ​​50,000 m² park is expected to welcome 3,000 visitors per day. 

The Public Works Authority (Ashgal) has installed an air-conditioned track in the park for pedestrians and joggers. This will ensure a temperature between 26 and 28°C. The system is expected to reduce operational costs by 50%. 


The track is surrounded by trees and climbing vines, which help circulate fresh air and reduce leaks. This allows temperatures to be reduced by 10°C without mechanical intervention. 

Air-conditioning equipment has been installed. If the temperature does not exceed 37°C, they are powered by solar panels installed all along the track, thus providing 60% of the electrical energy required. Rubber floors are laid with colors that help reducing  heat absorption. 


The track is 657 meters long.