Announcement for 2007 ASHRAE Refrigeration Awards

Refrigeration Committee awards to be presented at the 2008 summer meeting will be for new refrigeration technology applied in a unique manner. Two awards will be made: - Milton W. Garland Commemorative Refrigeration Award for Project Excellence (for strictly refrigeration applications). - Refrigeration Comfort Cooling Award for Project Excellence. (for comfort cooling or shared applications over 300 tons plant capacity). The preparations requirements for either award are similar and are limited to a 6-page submittal. For details go to Use the short cut "refrigeration". When the page comes up look down the list to find links for both awards. Be sure to follow the format instructions as this is a primary consideration in judging. Review the scoring chart to be sure you cover all the judging categories. Submit your application to your Chapter Awards Committee. Your chapter will review the application and forward it to the CRC for region grading. There is no limit as to the number that can be submitted. The Refrigeration Committee must receive applications by November 1, 2007 so you should start now. You, the Project Owner, and your Chapter deserve recognition for a job well done. Good Luck. Questions? Dan Dettmers,, Refrigeration Committee.