New Working Group: "Cooling and Refrigeration Emissions and Energy Data Working Group (CREED)"

The IIR and the Cool Coalition are excited to announce the formation of a new working group titled "Database on CO2 Emissions from the Refrigeration Sector."

This initiative aims to bring together experts in the field to share experiences, discuss, and agree on a consistent IIR-Cool Coalition methodology. The goal is to achieve accurate estimations of current greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the refrigeration sector and provide the best estimates for future emissions. By developing a reliable database and a robust methodology, this working group aims to provide essential support to policymakers and industry stakeholders. The resulting tool will facilitate better decision-making and help countries create effective strategies to meet their climate goals. The primary objectives of this working group are to: 

  • Consolidate Expertise: Bringing together leading experts in refrigeration to foster knowledge exchange. 
  • Develop Methodology: Establish a consistent and accurate methodology for estimating GHG emissions. 
  • Support NDCs: Develop a tool to assist countries and governments in achieving their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) by providing appropriate scenarios and strategies. 

The kick-off meeting for this working group took place at the IIR Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain ICCC24. The event marked a significant step forward in the collaborative effort to address CO2 emissions in the refrigeration sector. The working group is led by Graeme Maidment, the President of IIR Commission E2 : Heat Pumps and Energy Recovery, who brings extensive experience and expertise to guide this initiative. 


Graeme Maidment
Graeme Maidment at the Working Group kick-off meeting (Tokyo, ICCC 2024)