ASHRAE 2023 “Women in RACHP” workshop

At the ASHRAE 2023 winter conference and exhibition in Atlanta, the IIR’s CaRe (Career in Refrigeration) Working Group organised a workshop on “Women in RACHP”. 

The first IIR Medal dedicated to a Woman in Refrigeration was promoted, which will be awarded et ICR 2023 to a woman who has made outstanding scientific achievements in academic or industrial research, innovation or development, in all fields of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps (RACHP). 


A short presentation was given about Dr Mary Engle Pennington who studied chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, receiving a Certificate of Proficiency in 1892 (at the time, the university denied degrees to women) and her Ph.D. in 1895 at the age of 22. She is the only woman in the picture of the first ICR in 1908 in Paris. To find out more about Dr Mary Engle Pennington, please do read her biography.


CaRe Chairperson Catarina Marques presented some results of “Women in Cooling: A Worldwide Survey” and Colleen Keyworth highlighted INWIC, the International Network for Women in Cooling, whose website will be launched shortly.