Briefs: Axima Refrigeration GmbH

A new giant is born: Axima Refrigeration GmbH of Lindau, Germany, Smardt Inc. of Montreal, Canada, and PowerPax of Melbourne, Australia have joined forces to market Turbocor oil-free compressors. The giant consortium will supply major companies like Sears, Deutsche Bank, Ford Motor and Nestlé with compressors meeting their requirements in terms of low lifetime operating costs and environmental impact. The oil-free technology used in the Turbocor range was pioneered in Australia then developed in Canada by Turbocor Inc. Axima is the largest user to date and Axima's centrifugal chillers are used in Europe's largest chilled-water plants. The Axima, Smardt and PowerPax brands will continue to be used in joint development projects and will get products onto the market faster. New developments in controls, monitoring and heat-exchanger design will be fully exploited for the 60-900 TR water-cooled and the 60-300 TR air-cooled chiller ranges.